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My partner is very busy/on military deployment and will find it challenging to take this 4-hour course. Can I just do the course by myself and have the course count for both of us?

Not if you are getting married in the state of Florida. All other couples, that will be up to you, but definitely - not the intention of this course if you desire to have an I DO FOR ALWAYS. Marriage is the union of two people, with unique histories, traditions, and challenges. So many divorces would be avoided if couples were on the same path and page in important areas of their lives, such as - in taking the steps to increase their chance of marital success.

My partner is in another town/state/country and will not be able to do this test at the same time I am able to work on it. Do I need to purchase a second course with another login for them?

No. Once you have paid and have access to the course, simply share the login with your partner. Please note, the exercises are meant for couples to do together. Simply pause the course and at a mutually convenient time, get on the phone/facetime, and discuss the exercise questions before moving to the next section. That way, you complete the course together as is mandated for Florida marriages, and recommended for all other couples.

Is this 4-hour course timed?

Well, the course was designed to take 4 hours to complete (video content, exercises, and quiz). However, many of our couples are not able to do the course together at the same time, or even in the same room - so, no. This test does not have a count up clock that checks that you sat in front of the course from start to finish for 4 hours.

So, I am logged in - how do I access the course content?

My computer/phone/tablet/the course glitched out and I cannot get back in the course/access my certificate. What should I do?

Well, while we are challenged to troubleshoot your equipment, call/text Trudy Beerman @ 813-760-5624 and let her know you need a new access into the course. WARNING!!!! If you are in a rush to the altar, I cannot promise I will be available within your time crunch but I will make every effort to do so.